vintage corelle dishes

These vintage Corelle dishes are not merely ordinary tableware; tableware probably familiar in most of our childhood homes and most likely still in production. These bring me back to my childhood at the dinner table! That’s where we are now, my children spending quality time with Grandpa and I get to feed them from the same bowls my Mom used to feed me and my sister.

In photography, natural light is what we chase and desire; and sometimes even harsh light. And in this image I made no exception. I can’t help but enjoy the collaboration of light shining down on my Mom’s chair, as to illuminate her former presence.

Also you know you’re in a Malayalee household when there’s a couple bottles of pickles on the table from last night’s dinner 😉

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we see our very own matriarch at her finest


My Mother-in-law just came back from a visit to India and brought back a bunch of goodies! So we were inspired by our new outfits and also being in my parents’ home for this photo shoot.
Being in and moving throughout the same space my Mom adored, her home, inspired this shoot. We incorporated one of my Mom’s red saris. She has so many saris. And the one we used is considered very plain, very basic; yet still beautiful and a striking red. Growing up in an Indian household, looking at our Mothers with adoring eyes once their saris were wrapped, draped and pinned just in the right place is a sentiment we all have shared :: we see our very own matriarch at her finest. It always pleased me to see my Mom all dolled up, either for a typical Sunday service at church or on the weekend for a family friend’s party or special occasions like weddings. I’ll never forget her many days draped in saris.

My Mom would have been over the moon to see my children in these new Indian outfits and would probably declare them as her Indian Princess and Prince!

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with pure joy and in silence


My Mom taught me mindfulness in daily activities. She always hand washed her dishes in silence, never cared for the dishwasher that she would stand next to, it was her drying “rack”, she cut her vegetables precisely and uniformly with great attention, her passion for sewing was not powered with electricity from a machine but the energy from her hands; she preferred to hand stitch full projects. In her last weeks, she would lay in bed with a piece of cloth, needle and thread and stitch dresses for Ava and Meera. She always did her meditation with pure joy and in silence.
Yesterday was hard. As part of my grieving process, I will continue to practice mindfulness in my daily activities. It brings me closer to her.

light & love


my rock, my strength

She was my strength. She held me up. And now I’m trying to hold myself together this season. I’ve had so much support, love and kindness to help me do so. Thank you my friends!

Last night’s dream which inspired this share: A family friend was rock climbing and had paused half way up and to turn around to tell me to try it and that I could do it. And even with all my doubt, I did it, I climbed it. The meaning/interpretation is so real and so heart wrenching for me. My Mom was my rock, my strength. And now I have to work on my ‘extreme’ obstacle/climb to find peace without her. thank you for letting me share.
I still cry her name every day. She branded her love on me, her signature has been tattooed on me, and now I wanted to share this image of her, an image of her strength, after many many rounds of chemo, an image that has been imprinted to my mind. She allowed this photograph and in that moment told me that I’ll be ok.

light & love


Mom came home, her ashes

Today my Mom came home, her ashes were returned and received by us. And today is the Mourning Moon, the last full moon before the Winter Solstice. She came home before her favorite holiday, Thanksgiving, and on this day that symbolizes to set our fears and “emotions that are weighing us down” free…to set her free. She was powerful on earth and now she is so powerful in spirit. Today was anticipated and when it came, beyond hard.
We will do our best.
Miss you.

[image from Thanksgiving 2014]



I really wanted the description to be Evening Light…watching my kids play was one of my Mom’s joys and she always did that joyfully from her bed her last few months. All I see in this image is my Mom basking them with her light just right as I look on from across the room.

“Remembering you is easy, I do it everyday; but missing you is a heartache that never goes away.”