Hollow Drum :: Resonance of True Love

On April 29th, 42 years ago, my parents married. Deep in the summer season of 1974 in Kerala, India, they made a lifelong promise to each other. In the sweltering heat, amongst family and friends, and in the Orthodox Church my Dad’s family belonged to they stood side by side. Knowing in that shared moment, at the altar, their recent acquaintance-hood would soon shift to being each other’s forever partner…the art of arrange marriage at its finest. I say ‘at its finest’ because this relationship mystically turned out to be destined for greatness. My Dad always said she was his discipline, his source of common sense, his compass to life, his love. He always said she is who attracted all that was good in his life. How to move on from this kind of loss is uncharted for my Dad.


Today his heart may feel hollow, like a hollow drum…however the hollowness of a great drum allows for great sound. So if he beats his chest in pain today he will hear back all that she gave him. Resonance of true love.

WEB_together-in-Kerala-again-copy[An image I took from their last time together in Kerala.]


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