About Me :: Sonia Mani-Joseph


I am a full-blooded, proud-to-be Malayalee.  And may it be that I was born in America, spoke only English (but understood the most informal Malayalam), attended many July fireworks by the Lakefront, caught fireflies in the front yard with my sister and neighbor,  and took the common annual 80s Summer family road trips.  And on those all American road trips, instead of stopping at a small town McDonald’s for the almighty Happy Meal, we would pull over at a highway rest stop and my parents and/or my friends’ parents would bust out a platter of ripe idlis & sambar or a heaping bowl of uppumavu & bananas or the classic biryani and papadum.  My ancestry, values, sense of humor, twisted love of rice, runs deep throughout me.
I have a deep desire to eradicate loneliness.  And I’m not sure where this desire will take me but what I do know is that it has crowned me mother and wife, refined my loving blood relationships, brought unforgettable friendships, connections into my life and finally put a camera in my hands.  My eagerness and love for photography has turned into my voice.

For those who know the experience of loss, I’m so sorry and I understand you. For those who have not, my shares are a testament to my personal experience that might help understand others. And I thank you all for letting me share my images. To me the image truly speaks my heart. My photography helps guide the little I do write. I admire those who can write well and I let those individuals inspire me. Thank you.

I also need to say I believe my Mom, who has recently passed away from ovarian cancer, has a heavy hand in my photography now and my insight as well in each of these experiences. She is helping me see through the process of losing her; and her guidance and courage to share here is to prevent my loneliness in grief. Thank you friends!

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