vintage corelle dishes

These vintage Corelle dishes are not merely ordinary tableware; tableware probably familiar in most of our childhood homes and most likely still in production. These bring me back to my childhood at the dinner table! That’s where we are now, my children spending quality time with Grandpa and I get to feed them from the same bowls my Mom used to feed me and my sister.

In photography, natural light is what we chase and desire; and sometimes even harsh light. And in this image I made no exception. I can’t help but enjoy the collaboration of light shining down on my Mom’s chair, as to illuminate her former presence.

Also you know you’re in a Malayalee household when there’s a couple bottles of pickles on the table from last night’s dinner 😉

‪#‎VintageCorelleButterflyGoldDinnerware‬ ‪#‎PriyaMangoThokkuPickle‬ ‪#‎GrandmasLimeWhitePickle‬WEB_breakfast-at-elizabeths_001-copy


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