we see our very own matriarch at her finest


My Mother-in-law just came back from a visit to India and brought back a bunch of goodies! So we were inspired by our new outfits and also being in my parents’ home for this photo shoot.
Being in and moving throughout the same space my Mom adored, her home, inspired this shoot. We incorporated one of my Mom’s red saris. She has so many saris. And the one we used is considered very plain, very basic; yet still beautiful and a striking red. Growing up in an Indian household, looking at our Mothers with adoring eyes once their saris were wrapped, draped and pinned just in the right place is a sentiment we all have shared :: we see our very own matriarch at her finest. It always pleased me to see my Mom all dolled up, either for a typical Sunday service at church or on the weekend for a family friend’s party or special occasions like weddings. I’ll never forget her many days draped in saris.

My Mom would have been over the moon to see my children in these new Indian outfits and would probably declare them as her Indian Princess and Prince!

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