my rock, my strength

She was my strength. She held me up. And now I’m trying to hold myself together this season. I’ve had so much support, love and kindness to help me do so. Thank you my friends!

Last night’s dream which inspired this share: A family friend was rock climbing and had paused half way up and to turn around to tell me to try it and that I could do it. And even with all my doubt, I did it, I climbed it. The meaning/interpretation is so real and so heart wrenching for me. My Mom was my rock, my strength. And now I have to work on my ‘extreme’ obstacle/climb to find peace without her. thank you for letting me share.
I still cry her name every day. She branded her love on me, her signature has been tattooed on me, and now I wanted to share this image of her, an image of her strength, after many many rounds of chemo, an image that has been imprinted to my mind. She allowed this photograph and in that moment told me that I’ll be ok.

light & love


One thought on “my rock, my strength

  1. Every Dream is about the Dreamer. Every Person, Place or Thing is in some way an Aspect of the Dreamer.

    The Mountain symbolizes a challenge to be overcome. The Family Friend represents a close aspect of Self that is aiding you ‘overcome’ the grieving process. You can do it. You are doing it. And you have done it.

    Hope this helps ~~
    The Journey Be Peace

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