Mom came home, her ashes

Today my Mom came home, her ashes were returned and received by us. And today is the Mourning Moon, the last full moon before the Winter Solstice. She came home before her favorite holiday, Thanksgiving, and on this day that symbolizes to set our fears and “emotions that are weighing us down” free…to set her free. She was powerful on earth and now she is so powerful in spirit. Today was anticipated and when it came, beyond hard.
We will do our best.
Miss you.

[image from Thanksgiving 2014]



Kerala is the only state in India that the majority does not celebrate Diwali. But my kids have learned all about it and want us to celebrate. Happy Diwali from us to you all!




I really wanted the description to be Evening Light…watching my kids play was one of my Mom’s joys and she always did that joyfully from her bed her last few months. All I see in this image is my Mom basking them with her light just right as I look on from across the room.

“Remembering you is easy, I do it everyday; but missing you is a heartache that never goes away.”